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University entrance system of foreign students

The Foreign national Student Exam (Yös), which is made in our country, is participating in approximately 5,000 candidates each year. Many candidates do not have enough information about this. Here are the questions and answers that the foreign student exam (Yös) will enter.

It is the examination system that students who want to study in higher education institutions in our country will enter and use the results for admission to these institutions.

Applicants who will apply for foreign nationals (except for those who are nationals of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the nationality of the Republic of Turkey or the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) and the last class of a school equivalent to Turkish high schools Or they should be graduating from a school like this.

Since 2011, the decision of the General Assembly of higher education has been removed from the International student exam and the foreign students who wish to receive associate degree and undergraduate education in our country with their own facilities have graduated from a secondary institution and each The university is required to have the exams and scores which are determined by the Presidency and that it is appropriate, and the university must apply directly to the university and be assessed by the university. .

The criteria sought in the admission of students from abroad have been decided in accordance with the recommendations from universities. You can access the student admission criteria of the universities for the year 2014-2015 from the official website of the Higher Education Council. At this point you need to visit the website of the university you want to go and look at the Foreign Student exam section to investigate what criteria you want. You can learn about the university’s application address, fees, dates, required documents, the number of choices you can make from the website.

Turkey has become an important country in the field of education in recent years to announce its name in the world. The facilitation of the students, the increasing quality of education and the rise of living standards; The university is among the factors that are effective for foreign students to choose Turkey for education. Although foreign students have the same admission requirements to public universities or private universities, in some cases different document requests and entry requirements can be found among universities. All universities in Turkey with over 170 universities; With its high quality trainings, campuses in social life and many different possibilities, it plays an important role in the preparation of the life of both Turkish students and foreign students and gaining their professional qualifications. Here are the things that foreign students should do in order to get university education in Turkey…

Foreign students wishing to study in Turkey must first complete the requested documents and submit them to the relevant authorities. The following documents are requested from foreign students who want to study university;

Each university has its own acceptance form and is required to be completed with complete completion of these forms.

High school diploma; It must be approved by Turkish foreign representatives or notary public and translated into Turkic.

The transcript must also be approved by the school or by foreign representatives of the notary and translated into Turkish.

These documents required for admission to the University must be submitted to the relevant departments of the university until the deadline for submission to the academic calendar. It is not possible to register for problems such as paperwork delay or incomplete paperwork.

Yabancı uyruklu öğrencilerin Türkiye’de üniversite eğitimi alabilmesi için dil yeterlilik sınavlarına girmesi ve üniversitenin istediği yeterlilik puanı alması gerekir. Dil yeterlilik sınavlarında gerekli puanı alamayan öğrenciler bir (1) yıl boyunca dil hazırlık eğitimi alır. Bu eğitimlerin ardından dil yeterliliğini sağlayan öğrenciler üniversite programlarındaki bölüm derslerine girmeye hak kazanırlar.